Willie and family, 6/30/19

Please join us in congratulating Willie and his family for ending their homeless situation. After we built a budget with Willie, he found a rental he could afford and we helped with the security deposit so they could move in. Read their story below:

Where we were living before we became homeless:
My Family and I resided in a Moreno Valley home four years in a family oriented neighborhood on a Cul-de-sac (four bedroom, 2 bath, home). Where we relocated from Hemet, California. The house had a large patio in the back with a pool and fruit trees. It was an older home, but it had character.

How we became homeless:
In the beginning of the New Year 2019 we were shocked suddenly. Our Landlord decided to re-claim his property and utilize it for a family member. To that end… We were forced to move out in 60 days, as well as raise money for moving expenses. Additionally, housing prices skyrocketed and the rents and deposits became unattainable. Our family consists of two Seniors and one adult. (Age range 43-83 yrs old)

How long we have been homeless:
We became homeless April 1, 2019. So about 3 months now. But we still couldn’t find a way to save for deposit, while utilizing all of our money for storage fees, dining out and rent, etc. where we are temporarily residing. We were overwhelmed at our age, and had very little help. We had to and hire people and Rent two trucks, pay for trash disposal, etc. As of June 25, we are currently still, homeless.

Where we have been staying:
We have only stayed in one place since becoming homeless. A friend of the family who has a young son in grade school, offered her two Bedroom 1 bathroom home temporarily to us. We are occupying her Son’s room and the living room area. Her son is staying temporarily in the room with his mom while we are here.

What kind of help we need:
We need assistance with the security deposit for a rental property. we are Seniors on a fixed income and just took the hit of moving expense. Additionally, With the inflation of high rents and large deposits, we are struggling with saving for deposit money, pay bills (storage), etc., rent, and survive.

Where we have been staying most recently:
We have been staying with a family friend, who is a community health care worker. She is renting a 2 bedroom one bathroom home in North Palm Springs, that she shares with her Son. We have been here temporarily, for approximately 3 months. Originally, we were supposed to be here 30 days.

Sincerely, Willie

This family brings our placements this year to 34 and our grand total up to 720 since we started OTS 5 years ago.

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