Deyonna, Ricky, and their son, 7/16/19

Please join us in congratulating Deyonna, Ricky, and their son for ending their homeless situation. Read their story below:

Dear OTS,

Where we were living before we became homeless:
I was staying with a family member before I became homeless. That didn’t work out too well, we were only there to save money to buy a house in a year. We were kicked out with little time to plan our next move, so now we are homeless and seeking help

How we became homeless:
We decided to move in with a family member so we can help each other out and cut some cost. All was well until another family member moved in. Things begin to change and became stressful. We fell out with our family members and was asked to leave, so we did.

How long we’ve been homeless:
I’ve been without a home since the end of April, so it has been about two and a half months. I didn’t think we would be homeless for this long, I thought since we had jobs it would be easier. Trying to stay in hotels while waiting to find a decent place, that’s within your budget and that you actually get approved for is stressful.

Where we’ve stayed since we became homeless:
I’ve probably stayed at every motel 6 and Econo Lodge in the inland empire. Whatever hotel rates for the night are the lowest that’s where we go. Most times we stay close by our job to cut the cost of gas. Sometimes we occasionally stay over at a friends house.

What kind of help we need:
I need help with my security deposit and furniture, we have nothing but our clothes. I can’t afford my security deposit on my own because I have nothing saved for staying in hotels, i could only afford my rent, I would still need to survive for the rest of the month.

Where we’ve been staying most recently:
I’m living in a hotel with my spouse, we tried to stay somewhere reasonable so we can save money and keep shelter, but we are living check to check. We remained positive, waiting on someone to approve our application. We finally got approved for a nice place in a nice area.

Deyona and Ricky

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