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Off the Streets – Huntington Beach is a non-profit charity focused on housing the homeless in Orange County and Riverside County California. As shown below, we have housed over 600 homeless individuals since our startup in 2014.

Placements this year: 37
Placements grand total: 723*
Success rate: 93.5%**

Additional Results

Additional Results

* Total individuals placed since our startup in June of 2014.
** Percent of clients who remained housed during their lease period.

Placements By Year

Placements By Category

Success Rate

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You can read the story of every person we’ve placed below.

Deyonna, Ricky, and their son, 7/16/19

Please join us in congratulating Deyonna, Ricky, and their son for ending their homeless situation. Read their story below:

Dear OTS,

Where we were living before we became homeless:
I was staying with a family member before I became homeless. That didn’t work out too well, we were only there to save money to buy a house in a year. We were kicked out with little time to plan our next move, so now we are homeless and seeking help

How we became homeless:
We decided to move in with a family member so we can help each other out and cut some cost. All was well until another family member moved in. Things begin to change and became stressful. We fell out with our family members and was asked to leave, so we did.

How long we’ve been homeless:
I’ve been without a home since the end of April, so it has been about two and a half months. I didn’t think we would be homeless for this long, I thought since we had jobs it would be easier. Trying to stay in hotels while waiting to find a decent place, that’s within your budget and that you actually get approved for is stressful.

Where we’ve stayed since we became homeless:
I’ve probably stayed at every motel 6 and Econo Lodge in the inland empire. Whatever hotel rates for the night are the lowest that’s where we go. Most times we stay close by our job to cut the cost of gas. Sometimes we occasionally stay over at a friends house.

What kind of help we need:
I need help with my security deposit and furniture, we have nothing but our clothes. I can’t afford my security deposit on my own because I have nothing saved for staying in hotels, i could only afford my rent, I would still need to survive for the rest of the month.

Where we’ve been staying most recently:
I’m living in a hotel with my spouse, we tried to stay somewhere reasonable so we can save money and keep shelter, but we are living check to check. We remained positive, waiting on someone to approve our application. We finally got approved for a nice place in a nice area.

Deyona and Ricky

This brings our placements this year to 37 and our grand total since we started placing people in 2014 up to 723. Read more about our work at

Willie and family, 6/30/19

Please join us in congratulating Willie and his family for ending their homeless situation. After we built a budget with Willie, he found a rental he could afford and we helped with the security deposit so they could move in. Read their story below:

Where we were living before we became homeless:
My Family and I resided in a Moreno Valley home four years in a family oriented neighborhood on a Cul-de-sac (four bedroom, 2 bath, home). Where we relocated from Hemet, California. The house had a large patio in the back with a pool and fruit trees. It was an older home, but it had character.

How we became homeless:
In the beginning of the New Year 2019 we were shocked suddenly. Our Landlord decided to re-claim his property and utilize it for a family member. To that end… We were forced to move out in 60 days, as well as raise money for moving expenses. Additionally, housing prices skyrocketed and the rents and deposits became unattainable. Our family consists of two Seniors and one adult. (Age range 43-83 yrs old)

How long we have been homeless:
We became homeless April 1, 2019. So about 3 months now. But we still couldn’t find a way to save for deposit, while utilizing all of our money for storage fees, dining out and rent, etc. where we are temporarily residing. We were overwhelmed at our age, and had very little help. We had to and hire people and Rent two trucks, pay for trash disposal, etc. As of June 25, we are currently still, homeless.

Where we have been staying:
We have only stayed in one place since becoming homeless. A friend of the family who has a young son in grade school, offered her two Bedroom 1 bathroom home temporarily to us. We are occupying her Son’s room and the living room area. Her son is staying temporarily in the room with his mom while we are here.

What kind of help we need:
We need assistance with the security deposit for a rental property. we are Seniors on a fixed income and just took the hit of moving expense. Additionally, With the inflation of high rents and large deposits, we are struggling with saving for deposit money, pay bills (storage), etc., rent, and survive.

Where we have been staying most recently:
We have been staying with a family friend, who is a community health care worker. She is renting a 2 bedroom one bathroom home in North Palm Springs, that she shares with her Son. We have been here temporarily, for approximately 3 months. Originally, we were supposed to be here 30 days.

Sincerely, Willie

This family brings our placements this year to 34 and our grand total up to 720 since we started OTS 5 years ago.

Louis and family, 6/29/19

Please join us in congratulating Louis and his family for getting into a home of their own. We first built a budget with Louis and when he was able to find a rental that fit this budget we were happy to help them with the security deposit so they could move in. Read their story below.

Where we were living before we became homeless:
apartment tucked away in a cul-de-sac. It was very spacious and we enjoyed our kitchen view at night while eating dinner overlooking busy Beach boulevard. There were several shopping centers nearby as well as a regional Park where are we took our grandchildren to feed the ducks.

How we became homeless:
We became homeless after taking our daughter Christi in with her three children as she was desperately trying to separate from her husband. Her husband could not accept Christy leaving him which caused him to resort to acting violently toward himself and my family. We dealt with this problem for 30 days after the first week he parked his car on our cul-de-sac sleeping in it every night, later are management served eviction papers.

How we became homeless:
We have been homeless since May 2017 until the present day today June 24th 2019. In September of 2018 until November 2018 we stayed with our daughter Christy as she was seeking security and protection from myself and her brothers my son’s. The rest of this time aside from the two months with Christy we have lived in a motel after motel after motel.

Where we have been staying:
Motel 6 in Buena Park is the first motel we stayed at after leaving our apartment in La Mirada. We could no longer stay there because it wasn’t spacious enough for 6 people then we stayed at Howard johnsons in Buena Park The Good nite inn the Best Host inn the knights inn Travelodge all located in Buena Park very spacious as well as the Fullerton inn in Fullerton. All very spacious and convenient

What kind of help we need:
I am seeking assistance for a security deposit because we are unable to save on our own due to having to pay a daily rate of $112, our other costs include food, fast food, car payment, insurance, gas money and our ever-mounting storage bill as well as other responsibilities which prevent us from saving on our own.

Where we have been staying most recently:
I am currently living in Buena Park at The colony inn we stay in a family suite with three queen mattress sets. Myself and my spouse Michelle, my twin sons James and Vincent, and my daughter Victoria and Gustavo are all here together and have been since the day we were forced to leave our apartment in La Mirada.

Sincerely, Louis

This family brings our placement this year to 31 people, and our grand total to 717 since we started OTS in 2014.

Angela and her daughter, 6/26/19

Please join us in congratulating Angel and her daughter for ending their homeless situation by getting into a place of their own. We built a budget with Angel and when she found a place that fit this budget we were happy to pay their security deposit so they could move in. Read their full story below:

Where we were living before we became homeless:
Me and my child are homeless living pillow to post or sleeping in my car, often times family allows my child to sleep at their home but there is no room for both of us, in that case I will feed, bath and put her to bed before I leave for the night, I usually try to park close to where my child is because, due to go and get her ready for school

How I became homeless:
February 13, 2019 I quit my second job due to being sexually harassed by my supervisor who received No repercussionsa, February 15th 2019 I was fired from my 1st job!! Which caused me and my child to become homeless!! I was living paycheck to paycheck and unable to save money

How long I’ve been homeless:
March 1st 2019, which was the following month after I was fired from both jobs I was unable to pay rent, so I was able to move in with my mother for a limited time which was 1mnth due to her home being over crowded, April 1st 2019 I had to leave my mothers home in which I began to sleep in my car

Where I’ve stayed:
Since I became homeless, I’ve stayed with multiple friends,I’ve also stayed in a few hotels,
I’ve stayed in I have stayed with my mother, and often times I have slept in my car an parked somewhere familiar or where I felt safe, those are all the places I’ve stayed during my current homelessness

What help I need:
I need assistance with my 1st month and my security deposit, due to me having to pay whom ever allows me and my child to sleep and bath at the home, also due to homelessness me an my child have too eat out which can be very costly, hygiene products gas for my vehicle and insurance…. I’m basically living paycheck to paycheck

Where I’ve been living most recently:
Me and my child are homeless living pillow to post or sleeping in my car, often times family
allows my child to sleep at their home but there is no room for both of us, in that case I will feed, bath and put her to bed before I leave for the night, I usually try to park close to where my child is because, due to go and get her ready for school

Haleii and her 2 kids, 5/21/19

Dear OTS.
Thank you very much for helping my family end our homeless situation by paying our security deposit so we could move into our rental. We have been without our own place to live since November 2018. My children and I have found a place and are in need of assistance with the deposit. Upon move in I am required to pay first months rent as well as, the deposit. Given my current circumstances I am unable to afford both the rent and deposit at one time.
Sincerely, Haleii

This family brings our placements this year to 23 and our grand total since we started OTS in 2014 up to 709. Read more about us at OTSHB.COM.

Tina, 5/11/19

Dear OTS,
Thank you for helping me get into my own place by helping me with the security deposit so I could move in. You can read my story below.

Where I was living before I became homeless:
In my own apartment with my ex husband in Anaheim California. The fighting became unbearable to the point where he was raising his hands to me and abusing me and other ways. I told him I was going to go stay at my sister’s until he figured out where to go.

How I became homeless:
While I was at my sister’s my ex-husband change the locks to the home and made it to where the landlord would not give me the new key. He had other people living in my home that also would not allow me in. I was living in my car for a while until it was towed illegally.

How long I have been homeless:
I have been homeless since about August of the year 2015 with sleeping on the couch at my sister’s house or living out of my car after that. Thereafter, I was sleeping anywhere I could from 2016 and forward. Since April 2018 I have been in an illumination foundation transitional shared housing.

Where I have been staying:
I have lived on the train tracks in Anaheim off of Brookhurst and Cerritos, I have lived in my vehicle, I have lived on the street, in front of a building, behind a building, at various parks, and I also lived at the Civic Center Flags, I have lived at the courtyards homeless shelter, and an illumination Foundation transitional shared living house.

What kind of help I need:
I need assistance with the deposit for my apartment because I have received a voucher from section 8 for an apartment home of my own and I do not have the ability to come up with that much money that quick. I do work for Lyft as a driver & will be able to pay my portion of the rent there after.

Where I have staying most recently:
I am currently living in an illumination Foundation shared living transitional home with five other occupants in Santa Ana California off of Euclid and 1st Street. I do have my own room, however the program is shutting down in June and everybody has to find someplace else to be. I need help with the deposit for my new home.


Tina is the 20th person we’ve helped this year and the 706th since we started OTS in 2014. Read more about us at OTSHB.COM.

Lance, Taylor and Tammie, 5/4/19

Dear OTS,

Thank you for helping us avoid becoming homeless by paying our security deposit so we could move into another apartment. Read our story below.

Where we were living before we became homeless:
We are not yet homeless, we are still living at the address we rented. After 20 years the landlord decided to sell the property and we have no choice but to move. We were given a 90-day notice to move which will end on 4/30/19. I had moved into this rental with my son, daughter, and granddaughter. My daughter has since passed away five years ago.

How we became homeless:
We are not homeless yet but if we can’t find help with the deposit we will be homeless on 5/1/19 because our 90-day notice will end that day. The landlord raised the rent and our share of the rent went over an amount which we could not afford so we had to look for a rental that we could afford.

How long we have been homeless:
We currently are not yet homeless but will be very soon if we cannot get help with the deposit before our 90-day notice is over. We do not have family or friends we can stay with or any money to stay in hotels in the event we do become homeless.

Where we have been staying since we became homeless:
We are still staying at our rental address we have been at for 20 years. We decided to go with The apartments because their deposit was so low, but after we paid for the credit and background checks and a small holding fee the deposit which we could not come up with in the short amount of time we had left.

What kind of help we need:
The specific help I need is solely for the deposit. The apartments advertised on approved credit. We were approved but we didn’t have a great average credit between three adults and our income is low so they increased the deposit to a huge amount. We wanted to go elsewhere but we invested too much money on fees, and there is nothing else available that we would qualify for.

Where and who we have been living with:
I currently live with my son, 35 and my granddaughter, 20 and I am 60. We all still live together because both my son and granddaughter both take care of me. In 2016 I started bleeding internally but I didn’t find out until about 4 trips to the hospital later. During these trips, I was given too many antibiotics and contracted a deadly GI infection which almost killed me and left me with lasting effects.

Thank you,
Lance, Taylor and Tammie

This family brings the number of people we’ve helped this year up to 19 and our grand total since we started OTS nearly 5 years ago up to 705. Read more about our work at OTSHB.COM

Jonathan, 5/2/19

Dear OTS,
Thank you for helping me to avoid becoming homeless by paying my security deposit so I could move into another apartment. Please see my story below.

Where I was living before I was about lose my home:
I was living in an apartment in Santa Ana and they refused to renew my lease it’s a small studio apartment on the border of Santa Ana and orange in a low income apartment complex with property management who is not very understanding of people with mental disabilities or dual diagnosis.

How I was about to lose my home:
My old complex refused to renew my lease because of an incident of my friend having a psychotic episode and scaring my neighbors and so after a few months of going back and forth with property management including my friend apologizing to my neighbors and management so made the decision that I just wasn’t a good fit for the community.

How long I have been without a home:
I would only be homeless for one day if I receive your help and that would be on April 29- April 30,2919. I am currently not homeless but on the verge of losing everything that I’ve been working for since I got into the shelter plus care housing voucher program.

Where I have been staying:
I will be staying in the back of a uhaul till I’m able to move into the new apartment. Other wise I haven’t been homeless yet but on the verge of being homeless with no hope or vision of getting off the streets anytime soon or in the near future.

What kind of help I need:
I’m going to need assistance with getting some of the standard or basic furniture you need to have a normal home such as dressers and shelves. But most importantly I will need assistance in securing the money for a security deposit in order to move into a new place and not be homeless.

Where I have been staying most recently:
I am currently living on my own in a small studio in Santa Ana that I have to vacate due to the property management exercising the right the right not to renew my lease for an uncontrollable event that happened with a dual diagnosed friend of Mina which scared my neighbors.

Thank you, Jonathan.

Jonathan is our 16th person we’ve helped this year and the 702nd we’ve helped since our founding of OTS in 2014. Learn more about us at OTSHB.COM

Nakesha and her 2 kids 4/11/19

Please join us today in congratulation Nakesha and her 2 kids for ending their homeless situation. We were happy to help build a budget with her and then pay her security deposit so they could move in. Read their story below.

Dear OTS,
I was living in Los Angeles California a single mother of four I’ve been there since nine years for nine years and two children were out the home. For some time now me and my family were sick and then out the doctor for a couple years now and rashes and just can eat and something was not right I might begin to pursue help to see what was causing the issues and I discovered things eyes when I left home for the weekend and I wouldn’t throw up or be sick but when we will come back home we will end up. Me and my family have been homeless since beginning of December I’ve been looking for housing ever since then I became really sick and was not able to I had a surgery and how does it my appendix was removed and after I’ve been looking ever since for someone who would take Section 8 voucher. At first when we became homeless we were staying at family houses so I will go to different family members house from time to time after going to different family members home I had started I was told by the by the hospital that the DPSS a helper or worker would help us after that we begin to I took them to today or we stayed at motels they send us to motels. My main concern is trying to find how trying to get someone to help us with our deposit because I have the home I just don’t have the deposit our home was recently inspected we pass inspection so now and I’m only looking for assistance with the deposit and it would be that’s a great plus if you can help us with Furniture we don’t have anything due to the circumstances we just. We are currently everywhere we’re in my car we was spend the night over my family’s house but they got they had to move so I don’t know where we’re going to be at basically remove on a day-today basis so I don’t know where we’ll be at.
Thank you, Nekasha

This family is the 15 placement this year and the 701st since our founding in 2014. Read more about our work at housing the homeless at OTSHB.COM.

Ralph, 3/29/19

Please join us today in congratulating Ralph for ending his homeless situation. Read his story below.

Dear OTS,
I was staying at the Regal Inn in Buena Park and paying month-to-month after moving from an apartment in Hawthorne. I liked the freedom that a motel afforded me paid on a monthly basis without needing to have a security deposit or up to three times the rent in income. I moved back to OC from Hawthorne after our lease ended to be closer to family in La Habra.

Due to many expenses I ran out of money to pay for our motel and slept on the street, in alleyways and in parks. I was receiving Social Security income. I stayed at motels when I could afford it but when I couldn’t, I would stay in the park.

I have been homeless from about March 2015 to present– I received assistance from City Net to get into an emergency motel stay in March 2016 and was a currently stay in the Eagle Inn and Suites in Anaheim but am not able to completely cover rent during longer months, during those times I rely on other agencies to pay for my motel stay.

I stayed in San Marino Park in Buena Park from 2015-2016. After I met City Net at San Marino Park, they assisted me with an emergency motel stay at Motel 6 Buena Park which was paid by City Net and 2016. Eagle Inn and Suites– Paid by City Net (2016- 2017)

I specifically need assistance paying for my security deposit, and is needed by move in. I am unable to provide this deposit myself. I am able to cover rent for the month (cost is subsidized by Anaheim Housing Authority voucher) which meets the budget provided by Off the Streets.

I am staying at the Eagle Inn and Suites in Anaheim, California. I live by myself and pay rent on a weekly basis. I have been at the Eagle Inn since 2016 when City Net assisted me with finding an affordable motel as a temporary living situation, but I have struggled to find an affordable apartment.
Thanks, Ralph

Raph is the 12th person we’ve placed this year and the 698th person we’ve placed since we started OTS back in 2014. Read more about us at OTSHB.COM.

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