Louis and family, 6/29/19

Please join us in congratulating Louis and his family for getting into a home of their own. We first built a budget with Louis and when he was able to find a rental that fit this budget we were happy to help them with the security deposit so they could move in. Read their story below.

Where we were living before we became homeless:
apartment tucked away in a cul-de-sac. It was very spacious and we enjoyed our kitchen view at night while eating dinner overlooking busy Beach boulevard. There were several shopping centers nearby as well as a regional Park where are we took our grandchildren to feed the ducks.

How we became homeless:
We became homeless after taking our daughter Christi in with her three children as she was desperately trying to separate from her husband. Her husband could not accept Christy leaving him which caused him to resort to acting violently toward himself and my family. We dealt with this problem for 30 days after the first week he parked his car on our cul-de-sac sleeping in it every night, later are management served eviction papers.

How we became homeless:
We have been homeless since May 2017 until the present day today June 24th 2019. In September of 2018 until November 2018 we stayed with our daughter Christy as she was seeking security and protection from myself and her brothers my son’s. The rest of this time aside from the two months with Christy we have lived in a motel after motel after motel.

Where we have been staying:
Motel 6 in Buena Park is the first motel we stayed at after leaving our apartment in La Mirada. We could no longer stay there because it wasn’t spacious enough for 6 people then we stayed at Howard johnsons in Buena Park The Good nite inn the Best Host inn the knights inn Travelodge all located in Buena Park very spacious as well as the Fullerton inn in Fullerton. All very spacious and convenient

What kind of help we need:
I am seeking assistance for a security deposit because we are unable to save on our own due to having to pay a daily rate of $112, our other costs include food, fast food, car payment, insurance, gas money and our ever-mounting storage bill as well as other responsibilities which prevent us from saving on our own.

Where we have been staying most recently:
I am currently living in Buena Park at The colony inn we stay in a family suite with three queen mattress sets. Myself and my spouse Michelle, my twin sons James and Vincent, and my daughter Victoria and Gustavo are all here together and have been since the day we were forced to leave our apartment in La Mirada.

Sincerely, Louis

This family brings our placement this year to 31 people, and our grand total to 717 since we started OTS in 2014.

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