Veronica and her 2 boys, 3/15/16

Veronica and 2 boys 3-15-16Congratulations go to Veronica and her 2 boys for ending their homeless situation today by getting into their own rental. We were able to help this single mom by building a budget with her to determine the rent she could afford and then assisting her with the security deposit. Here is Veronica’s story in her own words:

Good Afternoon,
As discussed over the phone, my living situation has been difficult these past few weeks as I try to stabilize myself in a new city, new job with children. Originally, I relocated from Illinois to California in order to achieve a career in real estate. I must admit it was difficult relocating thinking that I was hired for a property management position, only to find out the area was not suitable for my children. This caused me to search for areas that would be appropriate for my family. As I was a temporary contractor, work was unstable and several job offers fell through. I explored self employment during the times I was unable to find a full time job. However, balancing family life and self employment created too many issues with child care hindered my opportunities. Recently, I’ve accomplished a full time position which allows me to live on site as I work. It was quite challenging maintaining a steady work life while being homeless. Through networking within my field, I met my roommate (single mother), who has extended a hand allowing us to stay at residence temporarily. However, this is not consistent due to her busy work schedule. In which case, I seek shelter at Motel 6, close to my work. Now that I qualified for the apartment, I am requesting assistance with my deposit. Honestly, I am reluctant to ask for assistance but I realize we all need help at one point in time. It would be appreciated if your organization would consider us as applicants.
Best Regards,Veronica

Congratulations Veronica from all of us at OTS-HB!
This family brings the total number of individuals we’ve helped escape homelessness to 195.

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