Jena, 3/7/16

We congratulate Jena today for her personal victory of ending her homeless situation. We were able to help her by building a budget with her and then helping with her security deposit. We would love to provide Jena a dresser for her clothes and a small sofa/love seat, but we are in short supply of these items. Call us at 657-215-0853 or email us at if you have these items to donate. Here’s Jena’s story in her own words:

Dear Off the Streets HB,
I am writing this to request assistance with the deposit of my new apartment. I’m female, 40 years old and I live alone. I was diagnosed with bi polar depression and schizo affective disorder in 1999. I have been fortunate enough to maintain a healthy and stable mental health status, through the use of medication, since 2004. For several years, however, I was homeless in Santa Ana and Anaheim. It was the darkest, most frustrating and hopeless years of my life. I was disconnected from society, confused by the simplest process and too exhausted to complete the smallest task. Once I found a medication treatment that worked, I was able to take the necessary steps to regain an independent and relatively “normal” life. I’m a participant in the Section 8 program and receive monthly disability benefits. To supplement my income, I am a part time caregiver which consists of household chores and running errands a few hours a week. This past December I was supposed to move but had a difficult time. I encountered some unexpected car repairs and the holidays posed a challenge to the timeliness of my apartment search. My mental health can be at risk during certain seasons, under high stress levels and during situations of crisis. Unfortunately, my mental health suffered and I was not successful in carrying out my move. I wound up storing my belongings and found shelter in my car. I was disappointed in myself. When I succeeded in escaping homelessness 12 years ago, I promised myself that I would never put myself in this position again. I worked hard at not jeopardizing my living conditions. I made good choices. I put in the effort. I took responsibility for my life so that I could remain off the streets. I had to realize and accept that my limitations are out of my control but they are still manageable. Making an excuse or finding a reason for me to give up was not an option. So I continued my apartment search. Three weeks later, I finally succeeded and obtained a unit to rent. Thankfully, I was able to regain a grasp on my longterm stability. I hope you agree that my circumstances and attitude make me a good candidate for your program. Your efforts would be greatly appreciated and play a significant role in helping me obtain stability for my life again. Thank you very much .
Sincerely, Jena

Jena, all of us at Off The Streets congratulate you on your personal victory and we wish you the best in your new rental!
Jena, is the 192nd individual we’ve helped escape homelessness since our startup in June of 2014

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