Twylla and son, 10/31/16

twylla-and-son-10-31-16Today we congratulate Twylla and her son for getting off the street and into their own rental today. After suffering a series of family and personal medical crises, Twylla and her son ended up living in their vehicle. She called us from a public library where she had been parking her car for the last 2 months and we were able to create a budget with her to determine how much rent she could afford. Twylla found a rental the fit this budget and we were able to help her with the security deposit so they could move in.

Twylla, we wish you and your son the best in your new home, from all of us at OTS!


This single Mom brings our total placements this year to 102 and our grand total placements over the last 2 years to 279.

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