Sharee and familiy, 10/29/16

sharee-and-family-10-29-16Sharee’s family of 6 is now in a new rental of their own after being evicted from their last rental when she could not come to an agreement with her last landlord on a rental amount that she could afford. Fortunately, Sharee was recently awarded a housing voucher which allows her new rental amount to fit well within the budget we built with her and her family. As such, we were happy to pay her security deposit so that she could get her family into this new rental. Sharee and her new landlord were a pleasure to work with and were so cooperative in following our process every step of the way!

Sharee and family – Congratulations, we wish you the best in your new home. From all of us at OTS.

This family brings the total number of people we’ve helped this year to 100 and the total we’ve helped since we started in 2014 up to 277.

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