Lynette and her 2 sons, 11/2/16

lynette-and-2-sons-11-2-16Today we congratulate Lynette and her 2 sons for getting out of their homeless situation that they’ve been in since July. This family has been living in hotels and called us for help to get back on their feet. We built a budget with her and she found a rental she loved that was slightly above this budget, but she was then able to negotiate with the landlord to get it reduced to meet her budget. In fact, the landlord was a bit doubtful at first and called us to confirm we were a legitimate charity. After speaking with us and learning about our program, he agreed to lower the rent, we then helped with the security deposit, and this family was able to move in today. Read Lynette’s story below:

Dear Off the Streets Huntington Beach,
Hi, my name is Lynette. I have been homeless since July 13, 2016. I lived at my last apartment for 17 years and was evicted after lodging a complaint about a severe mold problem. I am so afraid and need help finding a place to live. One of my sons goes to college and has a job. My other son is disabled. I am a nurse and was unemployed but now have a new job. My son is also searching for a second job. We are good people who had an unfortunate event which left us without a home. Please help our family find a place to live while we continue to better our lives.
Thank you, Lynette

Lynette, from all of us at Off The Streets – Huntington Beach, we wish you and your sons the very best in your new home!


This family brings our total placements this year to 105 and our grand total since we started OTS-HB to 282

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