“Sally” and her daughter, 11/4/16

sarah-and-daughter-11-4-16-pixelated2A big congratulations to “Sally” (name changed to protect her identity due to domestic violence) and her daughter for getting out of their homeless situation. We were able to help this single Mom with her security deposit so that they could move into their new rental. Read her story below:

Hi, my name is “Sally” and I have a daughter. Due to recent circumstances involving domestic violence my daughter and have become displaced from our home. We have been bouncing from place to place. In light of recent events I acquired a restraining order protecting both my daughter and myself. I have also started the process for divorce. I am also attending school aiming to complete my high school diploma that I was unable to get growing up due to traumatic circumstances. I am also in a wrap around mental health program for bipolar and ptsd. My daughter was diagnosed with adhd at 7yrs old. Given our circumstances we still do our best to keep our heads high smile and move forward day by day. We are hoping to get into an apartment soon so that we can get to a more stable life for both of us and move forward from our recent circumstances. I am a disabled stay at home mom and as such can’t afford a deposit for a new place with out help.

From all of us at OTS, we wish you the best in your new home and your new start in life!


This single Mom and her daughter bring our placements this year to 107 and our total placements since we started in 2014 up to 284

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