Traci, 9/4/18

Please join us today in congratulating Traci for getting into a rental of her own. Traci lost her last place due her landlord deciding to no longer accept housing vouchers. Traci is on a very limited income based her medical condition and needed help with a security deposit to get into a new place. Read her story below

Dear OTS,
My name is Traci. Where I was living no longer accepts Section 8/HUD. The owner is refinancing the property and the bank advised him not to accept Section 8/HUD which means I’ve to move out. I had been there for 11 years which is where my kids basically grew up. I am on SDI due to a few health issues I have. I am Epileptic so I have seizures at any time. I am Diabetic and I’m on insulin 24/7. I am not allowed to live alone because of my seizures and how bad they get. I’ve broke my neck having a seizure and had to have surgery where they put metal plates, screws and cages. I’ve also fractured my lower back having a seizure so they did something called vertibroplasty. Once I get situated I will have to find a person that is able to pass the Housing Background Check, be willing to help me when necessary (for example if I have a seizure I will need help because I’m usually down for a day it 2) and they must be able to take me to Dr appointments etc. They will basically be my live in aide. They will be allowed to work outside of the home but their income will not be included on my Housing Voucher. I am asking for your help due to the fact that being on SDI, I don’t get enough money to cover a security deposit. I am on Section 8/HUD which is the only reason I’m actually able to have a place to live. I actually went to trade school because I wanted to do something with my life but unfortunately because of the fact I’m considered an insurance risk my Dr’s decided that I’m not able to work. I went to school for Pharmacy Technician and graduated before the Dr’s made their decision. I heard about your program off Facebook and then a friend if mine recommended that I apply for help from you. I am asking for help with the security deposit and a few things that I really need for my apartment. I will no longer have a place to call home until I am able to get the security deposit for the new apartment that I applied for and was blessed by God and was approved. Thank you for your time and consideration,

Traci is the 130th individual we’ve placed this year and the 640th we’ve placed since we started OTS in 2014. Read more about our charity at OTSHB.COM.

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