Gilberto, 9/14/18

Join us in congratulating Gilberto for getting into his own rental today. He recently lost his housing and had been staying in hotels and couch hopping. We built a budget with Gilberto and after he found a rental that fit this budget we were happy to pay his security deposit so he could move in. We will soon be providing him with much needed furniture and household goods so he can turn his new rental into a real home. Read his story below.

Dear OTS,
Hi my name is Gilberto and had tears of joy once accepted into an apartment. I hit rock bottom towards the end of July. I ended up living in my car & had a little bit of thoughts of just giving up in life. I love life when everything is going good feel I have a lot to give back. I love my family & for the past 3 & a half years I haven’t seen them but only a few rimes & a few minutes on Holidays. I drop off a little gift whenever I can. Been unstable with Housing staying at Motels, couchsurfing & transitional homes. Been very private in my personal life & especially work. Been too embarrassed to open up to my family & friends how I was doing. Depressed and all I’d make it to work no matter what. My job is like my therapy. The day I applied for assistance I had no option & thought It would be a miracle to get assistance. I prayed a lot to not let life’s hardships bring me down. When the program accepted me it lifted my spirit. Thank God you guys expected to give me a helping hand. It’s a huge help to get my dignity & confidence once again to have a place of my own again. I wouldn’t be able to do my job to the best of my abilities with so many hardships in my personal life. Even getting accepted into an apartment wasn’t easy with my bad credit & not above average monthly income to qualify for a studio. I was honest with the landlord. My credit wasn’t the best & my income wasn’t much. Not to get all religious but at this moment I even had a Pastor from a Christian church give me shelter & food till I get situated. From staying in my car about a month ago down & out. To having given shelter & hope has literally lifted my spirit & gave me hope. She literally goes to folks living in the streets & offers food & shelter till they find a place or find peace within themselves. God bless the donors donating assistance with Housing @ Huntington beach Off the streets program. I’m so grateful & will make the best of this helping hand to get back on my feet & give back once I’m good God willing.
Thank you, Gilberto

Gilberto is the 131st person we’ve helped this year and the 641st person we’ve helped since we started OTS back in 2014. Read more about our charity at OTSHB.COM.

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