Alicia, Francisco and their family, 8/29/18

Please join us in congratulating Alicia, Francisco and their family for ending their homeless situation, reuniting as a family, and getting into their own home today. We will soon be providing this family with some household goods and furniture to turn their new rental into a real home. Read their story below.

Dear OTS,
My name is Alicia, I have a family of ten. My husband Francisco and eight children. We became homeless on April 23, 2018, due to my husband’s loss of employment at the beginning of this year 2018. Which caused our current family’s financial hardship. Though my husband had found another job and I tried to work as much as I could, it was still not enough, and we began to get further and further behind with our rent and bills. Our apartment manager gave us the option to be evicted or vacate our apartment in good cause without an eviction. Though it was a hard decision to make for our family, because the result would be that we would be homeless. We had to vacate the apartment within three days because we did not want an eviction which would have made it extremely difficult to find another rental in the near future with an eviction, that caused us to be homeless. We were able to stay with my husband’s family for only a little while due to his mother’s home being too small for all of us to continue to live there. So, again, we were faced with another difficult decision, having to separate our family. Francisco and one of our sons are staying with his mother and sisters while he continues to work in Orange County. My other seven children and I are staying between each of my three sisters homes in Stockton CA. I am so thankful that my sisters have opened up their homes and being so supportive during this time of need in my life right now. But because they have their own children and families this arrangement can only be temporary. I am seeking the assistance from Off the Streets to help with paying our family’s deposit to move into a rental home and help with household goods and furniture if at all possible, because when we had to move, we had no other place to live, so we lost all of our furniture and household goods as well. On behalf of my family and myself, we are so grateful and thankful for Off the Streets giving us the opportunity to overcome our current challenges that we are experiencing in our lives right now with a new hope and a new start in life.
Thank you, Alicia and Francisco

This family brings our placements this year to 129 and our grand total since starting OTS in 2014 up to 639. Read more about our charity at OTSHB.COM.

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