Suzy and her daughter, 4/11/15

cropped 4-1 PHOTO - Edited3 months of homelessness comes to a happy ending…

Meet the Mother and daughter who bring our total individuals placed to 74! Suzy and her daughter became homeless this past January after her landlord increased her rent to an amount she could not afford with her housing voucher. For the last several months they have been homeless and living in a combination of motels, friend’s couches, and shelters. Both Suzy and her daughter suffer from medical problems, which added to their stress of being without their own home.

Today we are happy to report that we paid their security deposit to the landord, allowing Suzy and her daughter to get into their own apartment, out of homelessness, and into a stable place where they can both be healthier. There are 2 great points to this story. First, Suzy’s was tenacious in finding a new place and always kept us informed. She persevered after her first place fell through and found a rental that fit the budget we built with her. Second, Suzy’s landlord has been a real pleasure to work with and also kept us informed of their progress at every step. We are so happy he had the compassion to work with Suzy and allow us to help her out.

We wish Suzy and her daughter the very best in their new home.

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