Brianna, Deonte, and their newborn daughter, 4/15/15

2-3 PICTURE OF Biranna and Deonte togetherBrianna, Deonte and their expected baby daughter are now off the streets and in a home of their own…Meet this new family who brings the total people we’ve placed to 77!

Brianna and Deonte have been homeless since this past December when a series of events caused their income to fall below a point where they could afford the place they were renting. Since then they have been couch hopping and most recently they have been sleeping in a park. What’s most amazing about this story is that when Brianna first called us, she was 7 and 1/2 months pregnant!

Today we paid their security deposit to the landlord for their new rental. When we called Brianna tonight to congratulate her, she informed us that the hospital is inducing labor tonight — what great timing for this family. They now will be able to leave the hospital with their new daughter and return to their own home.

Brianna and Deonte – we wish you and your new baby the very best in your new home!

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