Nancy and her son, 4/17/15

4-14 PICTURESAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSingle Mom and her son are back in a home of their own…

Meet this single mom and her son who bring our total number of individuals placed to 79! Nancy received a termination of tenancy after 9 years of living at her previous place. For the last several weeks they have been without a home. Nancy has been sleeping on friends’ couches while her son has been staying with extended family, forcing them to be apart. Nancy called us earlier this week in dire need of assistance with the security deposit. We built a budget with her to determine how much rent she could afford with her monthly income, and Nancy was able to find a rental that fit within this budget. We are happy to report that we were able to pay that security deposit to Nancy’s new landlord today allowing them to move in, bringing this single Mom and her son back together. We wish Nancy and her son the very best!

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