Tim’s Family of 5, 5/18/15

king family collageMeet this Family of 5 that is no longer homeless and brings our total individuals placed to 84!

Tim and his family of 5 owned a home for about 10 years, but complications with both his wife’s health and his caused him to lose his job. This eventually forced them to have to leave their home and live with family members. Despite this, Tim finished his college degree, received the surgery he needed to gain his physical health back, and was able to work again. However, the family they were staying with had difficulties of their own and Tim and his family had to move out. Tim was able to rent a room for his family but the living conditions were terrible so they then moved into a hotel. Their savings became depleted and Tim felt hopeless and paralyzed about what to do next, but a friend told him about Off The Streets, so he gave us a call in April.

We are happy to report that in less than a month after Tim initially contacted us, he was able to find a rental that fit the budget we built with him and we paid the deposit to allow this family of 5 to get off the street and into a home of their own. Tim told us that after 4 years of uncertainty and because of the generosity of the donors who allowed Off The Streets to pay their deposit, this family now has hope and says Thank You!

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