Sharon and her 4 kids, 10/10/16

sharon-and-4-kids-10-10-16Today we congratulate Sharon and her 4 kids for getting into their own home today. Most recently they have been living in their van and motels and were desperate to get off the streets. We will soon be providing this family essential household goods and furniture to give them a fresh start. Read Sharon’s story below.

Hello. My name is Sharon. I am a single mother and am currently homeless with four of my children in Orange County, Ca. In the beginning of 2016, we were living in Irvine, Ca when an unexpected emergency arose after the mandatory routine repairs of the community we were living in causing our home to be inhabitable and our family to have to move out of our house unexpectedly before the completion of our lease. After attempts to resolve the problem with our landlord, we were unable to acquire additional housing. We stayed a short time with my family relatives but they were unwilling or unable to give us stability to live with them, and they asked us to leave their home due to them wanting their own family to stay functional. So again we are searching for housing and have found a couple of houses that fit our voucher requirements, but now we are in need of help with the deposit. For the past 3 to 4 weeks we have been living between our van and motels. We have exhausted our funds, so lately we have been more residing in the van because the shelters in the Orange County area are full at this time. I have gotten my daughters enrolled in school, while we search fervently for housing and work every day. I am in crucial need of the assistance provided by Off the Streets because I do not have the finances to pay the security deposit when renting a residence. My income at this moment is significantly limited, and am therefore in critical need of your assistance in order to find a residence and work. My family and I sincerely and greatly would appreciate your generosity and help in getting my family relocated from the streets into a house where we can live and function stably. Sincere Thanks, Sharon

Sharon and kids, from all of us at OTS we wish you the best in your new home!


This family brings our placements this year to 93 people and our total placements since we started just over 2 years ago to 270 people.

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