Marlo and her 3 kids, 10/7/16

marlo-and-3-kids-10-7-16We are very happy to report that Marlo and her 3 kids were able to get into their own home today after we helped them with a budget and the security deposit. They have been homeless since August when they had to leave their last rental due to serious health and sanitation problems that were affecting their health. Marlo’s income allows her to pay her rent but she needed help with the security deposit to get into a place of their own. She wrote this nice Thank You note below:

I’d like to Thank you in advance “Everyone” that is a part of your Organization!!! I want you to now how Grateful & Truly Blessed our Family is!! No one will ever truly know how Grateful I am. Thank You Many Blessings to each and Everyone of You!! Warmest Regards & Love, Marlo

Marlo and kids, we wish you the best in your new home! From all of us at OTS!


This family brings our total placements this year to 88 and our grand total since our start up in June 2014 to 265.

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