Lisa, her Mom, and 2 kids, 10/6/16

lisa-with-mom-and-2-kids-10-6-13We are very happy to congratulate Lisa, her Mom, and 2 kids for getting into their own home today after we were able to help them with their security deposit. We will soon be delivering furniture to this family so they can get a fresh start. Read Lisa’s story below:

Dear Off The Streets, After recently being separated from my husband of 17 years, I became a single mother of our two children. My son 17, and my youngest daughter 11. So, I decided to move back here where I grew up. My mom, myself, and two children. We both have full time jobs, that we were able to transfer out here, & had saved money for this move. So, with housing, full time jobs, vehicles, & some money set aside, I thought I’d worked everything out. I tried doing all the research & planning for this move, trying to anticipate just about everything. However, I did not anticipate what happened once we arrived. First off, the one thing I thought I could count on, and probably the most important, was not. With an appointment that was scheduled over a month & a half out; this meant everything to do with our living situation was on hold until that date. There was nothing I could do. Now, I had to find someway to stay afloat and keep going until that day. I was devastated. So, the 4 of us began staying in “weekly’s”, but without kitchens, or being able to prepare meals, & paying so much for a week at a time in the motels, and to have to do it for that long; all the monies we had saved for “getting into a new place”was now gone. My plans had been shattered. My children were not able to begin school with everyone else, my vehicle had now broke down at the worst possible time, and I ended up having to take a leave of absence from work until I could get some of these things taken care of. So with my loss of wages,and a broke down truck and no place to go, we now had a new living situation; we had actually become homeless. I was at a loss of words… In just a blink of an eye, our world had been turned upside down. My children counting on me, & not knowing the extent of everything, didn’t quite understand. I was heartbroken…I was to say the least, devastated completely exhausted and had lost all hope. Then I remember thinking; this is not acceptable…!!! I will not give up. I would not accept this new way of life. So, I was then on a mission and this consumed my everyday, my every thought. Whatever I had to do, no matter how hard. I pushed myself to keep going. It’s been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. However, after 3 extremely long months of struggling & surviving out here; I am very happy to say that we’ve finally found a house. ok, I did it, we have a house. But they’re going to want a security deposit. Was this going to prevent me from getting us into a home? So, once again, with little hope left, began researching and calling to see what (if anything) I could do. So, when I ran across “Off the Streets” and was told of the possibility of them helping me with the security deposit we need to move in, I couldn’t believe it. Miracles do indeed happen. And there are Angels among us. Thank you so very much to everyone there at “Off the Streets” and for all the incredibly generous and caring donors. Can’t thank you enough, Lisa & family

Lisa and family – congratulations from all of us at OTS!


This family brings our total placements this year to 84 and the total since our startup 2 years ago to 261.

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