Saundra and her 2 kids, 6/17/16

Saundra and 2 kids 6-17-16Today we congratulate Saundra and her 2 kids for getting into their own place. We were happy to help with the security deposit. Read Saundra’s story below:

Hello OTS, I have been homeless since February of this year 2016. My adult children have wives and husbands and children and no room for myself and my two other children who are 15 and 18 who live with me. I have been in my car for several months and that due to the fact that my oldest son’s wife said we could not live there at their house with them and their four children anymore and that was February 5th. I have a good income and am able to pay rent monthly but I also have an eviction on my credit through HUD from when my husband and I got hud­vash a few years ago here and Huntington Beach. He passed away from cancer a few years ago also. So in the midst of losing my husband and the grief and depression that came along with that and that I have emphysema I was unable to take care of things and house my children and myself. But especially because of the eviction. So we have been renting either motel rooms every which I have plenty of receipts from or paying people to stay with them when I could or sleeping in my car and I’m so thankful to you for helping us to do this. Once again thank you very much for everything and God Bless you and your Staff..Off the Street’s Hunt.Bch! Saundra

Saundra, from all of us at OTS we wish you and your kids the very best in your new home!


This family brings the total number of people we’ve helped get off the streets and into housing up to 224 since we started 2 years ago.

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