Jeremy, Angela and their 2 kids, 6/9/16

Jeremy Angela and 2 kidsCongratulations Jeremy, Angela, and to your 2 kids! This family faced a true crisis (house fire), fell into homelessness and a downward spiral in their finances, and just needed a hand up to get back on their feet. OTS was happy to help them with their security deposit, so they could get back into a home of their own. Read their story below:

In the beginning of December My family and and I were returning from the doctors to see all our neighbors and landlord outside our apartment and they let us know that the fire department just left and our apartment was on fire. When we went inside to we saw that there was a electrical fire in the master bedroom bathroom. They said we couldn’t stay there it was a condemned and we had 3 days to move everything out. We lost about 60% of our stuff due to the the fire and smoke damage.The landlord gave us our security deposit back and we parted ways. We have been in motels trying to find apartments in the same school district for our boys. we finally found one. We have been on a waiting list for six months for this apartment and we almost went through our entire savings. If it weren’t for the help we wouldn’t be able to get our apartment. Thank you Off The Streets.

Jeremy, Angela, and Kids – from all of us at OTS we congratulate you on getting back into a home of your own.


This family of 4 brings the total number of people we’ve helped to 221 since we started 2 years ago.

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