Ramon and 2 daughters, 6/3/16

Ramon and 2 kids 6-3-16Today we congratulate Ramon and his 2 daughters for getting into a place of their own. Read their story below:

Good day, I reached out to you guys in regards to getting some help because I became homeless on May 7th, 2016 after I lost my job that assisted with my housing. I have never ever in my entire life have NOT had a place to stay and at the age of 37 it was clear to me that I did something wrong along the way. Being away from my parents who live in New York and not having any help from anyone here in California because my immediate family is 3,000 miles away is the toughest thing I have ever had to do. I am working full time again and currently have 2 kids. When I get to see my kids, I try to see my them as much as possible when I get off work but that doesn’t leave me much time because I am off work at 7pm and by the time they get to bed I may have seen them for all of an hour or so. Then I leave them with other family and head to my car, drive to the darkest area I can find and sleep in my car until the morning, once the sun rises I use my gym membership to find a place to shower so I can get ready for work. I have never forecasted this part of my life to take place the way it is especially with having kids to care for and take care of. This has by far been the hardest ordeal I have ever had to face and with Orange county being so expensive with regards to finding a decent place to live that makes it almost impossible to survive at times and my kids is all I can think about. I have struggled at times throughout my life but never like this. There are times where I have to stretch a few packs of ramen noodles just to have something to eat at night and for lunch the next day. So I decided to do some research and came across OTS and asked if they could help me. I pray at night at times that my kids do NOT have to sleep in the car with me over night because I would never get any sleep but on the same note I need to be back with my kids full time under one roof. I cannot function like this and pray every night and every morning that I can get back on my feet and get my kids back together with their dad. Thank you for any help that maybe provided from your organization and it will not go unnoticed. Sincerely, Ramon

Ramon, from all of us at OTS, we wish you and your daughters the very best.


Ramon and his daughters bring the total number of people we’ve helped get off the streets to 217.

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