Mary, 6/22/16

Mary 6-22-16 - EditedToday we congratulate Mary for getting out of her homeless situation and into her own place. We were happy to help her with the deposit. Read her story below:

Hello, my name is Mary. You have been recommended to me by the Mental Health Association of Orange County. I need help. I lost my job in 1999 after 26 years of working there. I have been struggling with mental illness ever since then. I have been sleeping in my car in Huntington Beach. I am looking for housing. I found an apartment with a Section 8 voucher in Anaheim. The landlord is also requesting one month’s security deposit. I am hoping that you can assist me. I am a sixty-nine year old women with several disabilities. I receive SSI. I need your help. I have COPD, Asthma, Gerd, Arthritis, and Mental Illness of depression and Anxiety, with some Obsessive Compulsiveness. On February 28, 2016, I had a heart attack. I am hoping that you can help enable me to pursue my goals and healthy living. I’m much more aware of the gift of extra time. I want to be constructive in my life. I look forward to hearing a positive response from your organization. I became aware of your existence only days before. Thank you for your time and attention towards my living situation. Sincerely, Mary

Mary, from all of us at OTS, we wish you the very best in your new home!


Mary is the 225th homeless individual that we’ve helped get off the street since we started our work 2 years ago.

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