Kathleen, 7/1/16

Kathleen 7-1-16 - EditedToday we congratulate Kathleen for getting off the streets and into her own apartment. We were happy to help her by building a budget with her and helping her with the security deposit for the rental she found. Read her compelling story below:

Dear Off the Streets,

I am providing a summary of how I ended up homeless and the struggles I have faced to overcome this and move forward to an independent, self­ sufficient life. I was once an employed, independent person. At one time, I was a 2007 graduate of the Disneyland Resort Management Training Program. My career was derailed, however, when I found myself diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and it took a long time for this condition to ultimately be stabilized with the right combination of medication management and cognitive behavioral therapy. Unfortunately, because of the change in my health I was unable to continue with my employment at Disney, and I went on their long term disability plan, which I am still able to receive, even though I am no longer employed by the company. I also receive Social Security Disability Income.

I soon began living a nightmare life, unable to continue to pay for my apartment, which was not discounted, and I lost it. Anyone can find themselves homeless in the blinking of an eye, losing all their belongings in the process. I found myself living in my car, motels, a
series of unsafe homes with strangers, then back in motels, then trapped in transitional housing, then back in motels, then trapped again in transitional housing, with no transition, ever! Finally, the Orange County Health Care Agency, in the division of Behavorial Health services, in the division of Residential Housing, helped me to receive Mental Health Services Act certification for the Project­Based Apartments, as a low income senior with a mental health disability who is homeless or at risk of homelessness.

I have been approved for a 1 bedroom apartment, and now the Orange County Housing Authority is doing my final processing, and I have been told that I should expect to move by July 1st. I just don’t have the deposit! I have worked so hard to get to this point, and I have come so far, but I may lose this apartment if no one can help me!! I’ve desperately tried everywhere! The Orange County Council on Aging (I am 61 ­­but I don’t feel old) referred me to your program. I will be deeply grateful for your help!! I will have enough money to pay my rent each month­­, which will always be one third of my income­­ but I don’t have the deposit money. PLEASE help me, and thank you so very much for considering me.
Sincerely, Kathleen

Kathleen, we were so happy to help you with your deposit today and we wish you the best in your new home! – From all of us at OTS.

Kathleen is the 226th person we’ve helped get off the streets.

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