Ronald, 10/16/19

Please join us in congratulating Ronald for ending his homeless situation by getting into a rental of his own. We were happy to pay his security deposit so he could move in. Ronald is the 46th person we’ve placed this year and he is the 732nd person we’ve placed since we started OTS in 2014. Read more about us at: Read Ronald’s story below:

Where were you living before you became homeless?

I lived in my own apartment in Moreno Valley
California, it was a small one bedroom
apartment, nothing fancy or upgraded but it was
just right for me. I truly do miss having my own
place and sleeping in my own bed and not in my
car. (even though having my car has helped me)

How did you become homeless?

Well I always paid my rent and bills on time, so it
was nothing like I got put out or anything. I simply
didn’t get along with the property manager. I
complained about some of the things that needed
fixing in my unit, which she didn’t appreciate.
After so many years of constant complaining
from me because she wouldn’t have things
properly fixed, she decided to not renew my

How long have you been homeless?

Feb 1st is a day I wish I could forget, but
unfortunately I can’t. That was the day that I
became homeless, I know that 8 months may not
seem like a long time to some people, but for me,
not having a home for 8 long months seem like

Where have you lived since you became homeless?

I have parked my truck everywhere from park
parking lots, hospital parking lots, 24 hour grocery
store parking lots, 24 hour restaurant parking lots,
hotel parking lots and beach parking lots. I’ve
parked in front of my daughters home, my ex
wife’s home, my mother’s home and a couple
friends homes.

What kind of help do you need?

Well unfortunately I am on disability which does
not allow me to have enough to pay for moving
expenses along with the first months rent plus the
security deposit, so if I am able to get assistance
with the security deposit that would really truly be
a blessing for me.

Where have you stayed most recently?

As of right now I am currently parking my truck
front of my mother’s house. I can’t sleep in her
house because there is not enough room for me
to sleep in the house. Currently my brother, his
son, my sister and her son plus my mother all
live in the 3 bedroom house

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