Roberta and Alex, 11/5/19

Please join us in congratulating Roberta and Alex for ending their homeless situation. After building a budget with them we were happy to pay their security deposit for a place where they could afford the monthly rent. This couple is our 48th persons placed this year and our 734th persons placed since we start OTS in 2014. Read their story below:

Where we were living before we became homeless:
My husband and I were living in a townhouse on Mitchell ave in the city of Tustin for three years where my 23 year old daughter lived as well. She then moved out to start her own little family so Orange County housing authority downgraded us to get a smaller place.

How we became homeless:
We became homeless because we had to move out by July 1, 2019 and by the time I paid for storage and uhaul we barely had enough money to live somewhere else so we lived in our car until we found a homeless shelter we could live at. Also we found out that my husband needs knee surgery so it was very hard to work.

How long we have been homeless:
We have been homeless for 3 months now. From July 1 2019 to the present date October 7 2019. During this time we did rent a room for two nights in the beginning of July 2019 then we entered the shelter July 12 2019. We lived in our car for almost 2 weeks

Where we have been staying:
We slept in the uhaul we rented for a couple of days. We slept and Stayed at the park in Tustin it was cold in the early morning and the grass was wet. We also lived in the car. We would park on the side of Stater brothers on Redhill St and Mitchell ave in Tustin Ca.

What help we need:
I am unable to pay for the security deposit on my own because I pay for my storage and a uhaul and my husband has no income coming in now because of his knee surgery coming up very soon. So we only get 930 dollars to live on until he recovers.

Where we are currently living:
We are currently living at Tustin temporary homeless shelter. We have our own beds and they do provide private bathrooms. The shelter gives us a time period to transition to our own place. We have a care coordinator who meets with us every week to make sure we stay on track

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