David and his family, 10/4/19

Please join us in congratulating David and his family for ending their homeless situation by getting into a rental of their own. This family of 5 is brings our placements this year to 45 people total, and our grand total since we started OTS in 2014 up to 731 people total. Learn more about our work at OTSHB.COM. Read their story below.

Our story
We fell behind with all of our bills and the rent, unfortunately we got an eviction that we tried to pay off but Everything start adding up. All started couple months ago when I got injured and I couldn’t work for two months and then right after when I got a new job my wife was off all summer and she couldn’t work for two months Since she works for the school district they were in vacations she tried to apply for other jobs but no luck and we started to fall behind with all of our bills and rent . We are trying to avoid to live in different places since we have kids and they all go to school and they depend on a stable place to live. At this point we require the help to pay the down payment because we do not have all the money they are asking for one month security deposit my wife burning going back to work And we are not able to pay off everything because she even get paid until next month.

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