Rene and Isabelle, 8/30/16

Rene and Isabelle 8-30-16Today we are very happy to report that we were able to help Rene and Isabelle get out of their homeless situation and into a home of their own. We built a budget with them based on their combined income, they found a rental that fit this budget, and we paid their security deposit to get them housed. We will soon be delivering furniture since they are in need of these essential items (couch, dresser, kitchen table and chairs, and kitchen and household goods).

They have been living in their car after they were forced to move out of their previous rental because the landlord did not have a permit to rent. Isabelle followed our process to the letter and was very proactive with us to ensure they got into a home as soon as possible — she took complete ownership of improving their situation and we were glad to help!

Rene and Isabelle bring our placements this year to 63 and our total placements over the last two years to 240.

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