“Alice” and her son, 8/7/16

Alice and son blurred 8-6-16We are pleased to announce that “Alice” (real name withheld and picture blurred to protect identity) and her son left their homeless situation today. We were happy to help her with her security deposit after she found a rental that fit the budget we built with her. Please read her story below:

Dear OTS, I come from a broken home and struggled to transition into adulthood. I had very little emotional support growing up and I believe I suffered in my adult life because of it. As a young adult, I fell into the wrong group of friends, and lived a lifestyle that was full of bad behavior. At one point I was living from motel to motel to eventually having no where else to go. Just a few years ago, God brought me the greatest gift of all, my beautiful son. Since then, I have changed my life for the better. For the past few years I have been struggling to support my son on my own while attending school. His father has not been present in his life due to being in and out of jail. Unfortunately, I was a victim of domestic violence (step father) which led me to be out on the streets again until a shelter took me in. I am now working at a good job. I hope to move up in this company while I attend school. I am a few units short of an AA degree and would like to continue to pursue a masters. I hope that one day I will be able to guide troubled adolescents in the right direction and give back to those who have been in my shoes. Sincerely, “Alice”

From all of at OTS, we wish you and your son the very best.

Alice and her son bring our total placements this year to 61 and the total number of people we’ve helped over the last 2 years to 238.

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