Ramona and her 3 kids, 9/2/16

romona-and-2-kids-9-2-16-jpg-editedWe are happy to report that Ramona and her 2 kids were able to get out of their homeless situation and into their own home today. Their new Landlord was a real pleasure to work with and went out of his way to help this single mother get back on her feet. This family faced a crisis when Ramona lost her job and their had to leave their last rental. They have been living in their car for the last 2 months. We were able to help Ramona get into her new place by helping with the security deposit. Here is Ramona’s story in her own words:

We have always lived on a very tight budget since my second child was born. After losing both of my jobs My family got into financial hardship, mostly due to my son’s disability. We have accumulated a lot of Doctor and hospitals bills amongst others. My son have been very ill dignosed with epilepsy, ADHD, sleep apnea and Autism. As a single parent and his only physical parent, It has been very, very difficult for me to get and/or keep a job. With no support I had no where to turn. I have to care for son full time by myself as well as my 11 year old daughter. My son has several doctors appointment weekly and it’s has cost us to be without a lot of things, including losing our home. I am asking for help with our security deposit so that we can move into permanent housing. This help from Off the streets HB will help give my family the stability we desperately need right now. Thank you God blessings, Ramona.

This family brings the total number of people we’ve helped this year to 66 and the total since we started 2 years ago to 243.

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