Rebekka and her 2 sons, 3/5/17

Rebekka - Housing The Homeless - Off The Streets Huntington BeachToday we congratulate Rebekka and her 2 sons for getting into a home of their own after being without their own place for a year. We have been working with Rebekka since last October. We built a budget with her and she was able to find an affordable rental the fit this budget. We were happy to help her get in by paying the deposit. Read Rebekka’s story below:

Around this time last year i lost everything, my job, my new car and my place due to problems with my son’s father. I was able to move in a room at my friend’s house with my 2 boys i was barley making any money off cash aid, there where time’s i went hungry so my son’s could eat. 4 months of looking for a job i was still unemployed and the father of my son’s was in jail so i received no help from him. It was extremely hard, finally i got a chance and was able to get a very good job by a medical office. I was able to afford a car off craigslist and live with my grandmother for a couple of months which was closer to work which helped but my son’s and i where still very tight in a small room yet again. I finally found an apartment which fit in my budget and was a good distance from work and my son’s schools but i still couldn’t save enough to afford to move in to my own place, so i started to look for assistance for security deposits then i found OTSHB and they where so sweet and helpful! and now im able to move from a tiny room into my own place with my boys finally after being a single mom for a year now i know there is hope that i can handle this thanks to OTS.

Rebekka, from all of us at OTS we wish you and your boys the very best in your new home!

This family brings our placements this year to 38 and our grand total over the last 3 years to 348.

Off the Streets – Huntington Beach

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