Jocelyne and her daughter, 3/4/17

Jocelyn - Housing The Homeless - Off The Streets Huntington BeachToday we congratulate Jocelyne and her daughter for moving into a home of their own. Jocelyne has been struggling financially so we built a budget with her and helped her with her security deposit with a place that fit this budget so she and her daughter could get back on their feet and stay in the area where her daughters school.

My name is Jocelyne , I am a single mother to one 11 year-old daughter. She and I were forced to move from our previous address in July 2016 due to my previous landlord wanting to increase the rents higher than what section 8 would allow. Around that same time I was placed on workers Comp after being injured at work. This significantly reduced my immediate income. In the early of 2016, my ex husband I also divorced and my income drastically dropped from 2 incomes down to just one. Since my ex and I had no children in common he was not obligated to pay alimony or continue to help with the bills and I found myself in a deep financial hole. Struggling to keep the lights
and gas on. Staying with family was the next best move. I wanted to stay in the area so that my daughter who has a learning disability, can continue to be educated in an environment safe and normal to her. At the same time rents and security deposits skyrocketed making it almost impossible to find a suitable place for she and I to stay.I have found a place and hope to move soon, but I need help with the deposit since I have been unable to save any money due to paying off past and previous debts that include credit cards that I have payed off and closed and student loans that I have deferred again. Having assistance with my security deposit will allow me and my daughter the opportunity to start over and live full happy lives in our own home and close to her school. Thank you, Jocelyne

Jocelyne, all of us at OTS wish you the very best in your new home.

Jocelyne and her daughter bring our placements this year to 35 and our grand total to 345.

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