Paula and James, 1/9/16

Taken with Lumia Selfie

Taken with Lumia Selfie

Today we congratulate Paula and James for ending their homeless situation, which they had been facing for the last month. We were able to help them take the last by helping them with their security deposit to get into their own place. Here’s their story in Paula’s own words:

“To Off the streets Huntington Beach California. On December 13th we lost our unit In Rancho Santa Marguerite and had to move. Loosing almost everything we had. For we had been living in this same unit . For 7 years. We searched and searched. For a place that would accept my housing. The section 8 program. Which make’s it very difficult to find a place. Went on section 8 . Com. Looked in the newspaper. Called real state offices. Drove around with friends who where able to drive me around. Due to us having no vehicle to get around in or own. Car-less in fact. And myself being disabled and sickly. Not to well. We ended up in motel 6 in Santa Ana California. So I could be near my girlfriend to help me with anything she could or and a hot meal which she did. So because of all this is the number one reason we are homeless and still are homeless. Living in hotel after hotel. With the thanks of family and friends helping us on long the way. Praise the lord for that and them. Thank you Jesus. For without there help we’d be out in the nights cold and wet weather. In which now we have exhausted our all family members and friends. And they have all done and helped us out with all they can do. God willing we won’t be homeless anymore. And we can come with the deposit $. With hopefully thanks to yours all help I pray. Or we have no more resources or no where to go.

Thank you so much . Love Paula and James”
Paula and James bring the total number of individuals we’ve placed to 179

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