Over 100 placed in 2015!, 10/31/15

Over 100 Homeless in 2015As of today we’ve placed over 100 homeless in 2015!

Last year our end-of-year fundraising campaign focused on “Placing 100 Homeless in 2015.” Well, it’s the end of October and we have placed over 100 people already in 2015, hitting our goal 2 months early, which just shows how much need is out there.

Here’s the math.
2014 placements = 54
2015 placements to date = 105
Total placements since our startup in June 2014 = 159

The good news is that due to our low cost structure we’re still under our 2015 budget, which means we can continue to place people in need through the end of the year.

If you like the work that we do, and consider it an effective and heartfelt investment in improving our community like we do, please consider joining our campaign to raise enough money to place at least 120 homeless in 2016: http://offthestreetsnow.com/hb/house-120-in-2016/

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