Lindon and his 2 kids, 10/31/15

20151031 Lindon and 2 kidsToday we congratulate Lindon and his 2 kids for getting into their own home. Here’s is Lindon’s story in his own words:

“Hi my name is Lindon, and I’m homeless living in a car with my two kids. I’ve been homeless for two weeks. Currently working part time as a truck driver but will change to full time soon. The reason why I became homeless is because my rent was raised and my roommate moved out. So that’s when I decided to reach out for help and called 211, and a representative referred me to the “Off the streets Program”. I need the Off the streets program to help me because I do not have enough funds to pay or come up with my first and last months rent for security deposit on a new place to live. Since I have connected with the “Off the streets Program” they have assigned my with a financial adviser who have helped me get on a budget. Currently I have found a place to live with me and my two kids and I’m so thankful for the “Off the streets Program ” that helped me get my life back together.
Yours Sincerely,

We were happy to help Lindon and his 2 kids get into their own home again by helping him with his security deposit, which was all part of the budget plan we created with him.

Lindon and kids, OTS wishes you the very best in your new home.
This family brings our total people that we’ve placed to 162.

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