Lawren and her 3 kids, 11/6/15

Today we were able to help Lawren and her 3 kids get out of the hotel they were living in and into their own home today. Here is Lawren’s story in her own words:

“I was living in my apartment for two years while receiving section 8. My apartment stopped accepting section 8 and my move out date was July 1st. I found another place in Santa Ana using my section 8. I was there for a month, within that month I found toxic mold roaches and rats. Very unhealthy for my three children. My youngest daughter was born at 25 weeks so she’s on a apnea monitor and oxygen. I told my landlords and they wouldn’t do anything so I called the city. They started to retaliate against me. I got a 3 day notice. Me and my children have been in a motel since August 14th 2015. I recently found an apartment through section 8. Thank you so much for this opportunity me and my family are so excited. -Lawren”

Lawren, we were happy to pay your security deposit today so you and your 3 kids could get into a safe and secure home of your own. We wish you the very best. Off The Streets – HB.

This family brings our total placements to 166

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