Adam, Jana and their 4 kids, 10/30/15

20151030 Jana family of 6We want to congratulate Adam, Jana and their 4 kids for getting out of their homeless situation today and getting into a home of their own. Here’s their story in Jana’s own words:

“There were many circumstances that led to our homelessness in 2012. Being a family of 6, it is hard to find a place big enough to fit all of us that is affordable in Orange County. We had one child in 2006, then the next three from 2009-2011 That was when the hardships began. In 2009, my mother had died suddenly, and her grandma entered a nursing home.Through that spiral, it was hard for Jana to keep a job, as child care costs were greater than the money she would get from working. Adam worked, but one salary for a family of 6 just wasn’t enough. We lived with family, friends and even foreclosing homes just so we would have a place to stay at night, but nothing really was a permanent fix. In 2012, we entered the Orange County Rescue Mission. We were at the Orange County Rescue Mission for 15 months, but even that was only a temporary fix. Rules changed there, and to stay, it would have cost over $1000 a month for us, so we moved out to Adam’s moms house. From there, we applied to another homeless shelter, where we are currently, which is called the Orange Coast Interfaith Shelter. We are currently in the second and final stage with the Orange Coast Interfaith Shelter, and are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. About a year ago, we applied for the City of Anaheim Project Based Housing. This is permanent housing open to Anaheim residents or those that work in Anaheim. In June, we completed all the paperwork to get housing through this program. I am currently working at Calvary Chapel Anaheim School, and through the grace of God, all the kids are able to attend the school for free to staff members. Now, the last step we need to become self sufficient is to move into permanent housing and out of the homeless shelter we are in now. With the help that Off the Streets Huntington Beach would prayerfully provide, we will be able to get into a house of our own and get off the streets. Our biggest expense would be the deposit and furniture we would need to be able furnish our house; something we would not be able to do on our own. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for helping our family find peace in a place we can call home. Our children have never had that and to see the looks on their face will be worth it in the end.”

We were able to help Adam and Jana over this final hurdle today by paying their security deposit, which allowed them to move into their new place.

Adam and Jana, we wish you the very best in your new home and were happy to help you get a new start after such a long journey. Sincerely, OTS-HB

This family brings out total number of people we’ve helped get into permanent housing to 159.

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