Nicole and her 2 daughters, 12/5/14

Nicole 12-5-14Nicole and her 2 daughters bring our total placements for this year to 45 people! Nicole had an apartment and was doing fine but the landlord no longer wanted to lease to tenants with subsidized housing and they were forced to move out. Nicole works at a retail store earning minimum wage, and with the help of her housing voucher she was able to afford rent but she couldn’t afford first month’s rent and the security deposit. So she and her daughters were forced to move into a motel but that quickly ate through what little savings she had. After being in a motel for over a month, on December 1st Beach Cities Interfaith Services (BCIS) referred Nicole to Off The Streets – Huntington Beach. She was a pleasure to work with! She quickly found an affordable rental that fit the budget we built with her and earlier today (only 5 days later) we were able to pay the security deposit so she and her daughters could move into a place they could call home again! While Nicole didn’t need any furnishings we were able to give her a Christmas tree – just in time for the holidays!!!

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