John and Nancy, 12/10/14

12-4 picture 12-4Meet John and Nancy, the couple that brings our total placements this year to 47 people! They had been living in the desert when a medical condition and orders from the doctor forced them to the leave due to the extreme climate. They thought they had found a place to rent, but that turned out to be a scam and they lost their deposit. With no money or alternative, they resorted to sleeping in their van. Finally, after a month of living in their vehicle, they heard about Off The Streets – Huntington Beach and gave us a call. Our financial counselor determined how much rent they could afford and they quickly found a place to rent in that price range. The landlord was so willing to work with this couple and OTS-HB, that he gave them a discount on the rent! Within a week we were able to pay the landlord the security deposit so this couple will be able to enjoy the holiday season in their new home!

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