Joshua’s Family of 5, 12/12/14

11-11 Josh Rodriguez picture of familyThis story demonstrates the power of our community when we all work together. A teacher at a local elementary school heard that a student of hers and her family were homeless and living in a local hotel. This teacher called Off The Streets – Huntington Beach to see if we could help them. We told her to have the parent call us and that we would be waiting for the call. The father, Joshua, called us and we started the verification process. Our financial counselor put together a budget so the dad knew how much rent he could afford. In addition, a staff member at the school stepped in to help him complete the small amount of paperwork that we require for verification purposes. 10 days after this teacher made the initial call to us, we are happy to say this family found a rental they can afford, we paid the security deposit to the landlord, and they are no longer homeless. How great is it that this family of 5 will be celebrating Christmas in their new home! This brings our total placements this year to 52 people.

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