David and Melody, 12/15/14

slide for fb 12-15Perseverance pays off for David and Melody, the couple who bring our placements to a total of 54 people this year! Back in July of this year Melody was the very first caller I spoke with as a volunteer for Off The Streets – Huntington Beach. Her story confirmed that volunteering for OTS-HB was what I wanted to do. At the time of her call she and her husband David were homeless. Melody was sleeping in a women’s shelter while David slept in their van. Even though they had a voucher for subsidized housing and David had a job, they still felt hopeless because they couldn’t afford the security deposit required to move into a place. Melody heard about OTS-HB through a church in their area and she gave us a call. Our financial counselor worked with them to build a budget so they could live within their means. While it took them 4 months to find a place that fit this budget, their diligence has finally paid off. This past week we paid their security deposit directly to the landlord and they moved in. Not only are they no longer homeless, this couple no longer has to live apart! And they get to spend Christmas together in their new home!

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