Nicole and 2 her kids, 3/21/18

Today we congratulate Nicole and her 2 kids for getting into their own rental. We built a budget with Nicole, and after she found a rental she could afford we were happy to pay her security deposit so she could move in. We will soon be providing this single Mom and her kids with essential furniture and household goods to give them a fresh start in their new home! Read her story below:

My daughters and I became homeless in April of 2017. We were living with my boyfriend’s Foster mother and sister. My boyfriend’s sister turned 18 and was no longer eligible for Social Security income. Around the same time my boyfriend lost his job and had to go to prison. The loss of those two incomes left us without enough income to pay the rent. My boyfriend’s Foster mother and sister moved in with family members leaving myself and my daughters with no other choice but to stay with friends and family or hotels. Recently we have been staying in my grandfather’s house where my mother lives almost on a daily basis. When we were not able to stay at my grandfather’s house we stay at motels. I recently received a Section 8 housing Choice voucher and I’m looking for apartments but I’m on a fixed income because I became disabled in 2012 and I receive Social Security disability. I do need help with a deposit because of these reasons. I would greatly appreciate the help so that myself and my daughter’s have a place to call home.

This family brings our placements this year to 29 and our grand total since we started OTS nearly 4 years ago up to 539.

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