Areli, her 2 kids, and grandchild, 3/22/18

Today we congratulate Areli, her 2 kids, and her grandchild for getting into their own rental today. We will soon be providing this family furniture and household goods to give them a new start in their rental. Read their story below.

My name is Areli. I have 2 grown children and a now 2 month old grandchild. We are a Christian family who love and fear God, who created the earth and everything that is within it. In the year of 2009 we were on an annual contract agreement with an apartment complex. The experience went well and I was offered an extension for another year. Within 6 months a new manager took over the property. We were then informed that we were behind on rent, due to a pet that was said we owned, when we never had a pet throughout our time with them. The manager insisted that we pay a month of rent in return. At the time we didn’t agree with the outcome, so we decided to look into renting elsewhere. Soon we found a small house for rent in a nearby neighborhood through Craigslist. We got in contact with the person online and invested a large amount of money, just to realize that we were scammed by someone across sea. We filed a police report and were told that, that was the most we could do at the time since they were out of jurisdiction. So after experiencing all of this, we ended up opting to exit the property when told to pay or vacate the premises. Ever since deciding to leave suddenly, we’ve been residing in hotels. Not realizing the manager marked us down for an eviction. We have tried applying for several apartments and have been denied due to having low credit. However, overall we are very good people and respectable tenants. We definitely qualify and can afford to be on time with payments, at the very least. We are hoping for the best, and can assure you that we will do our very best to maintain the property in its most pristine condition.

This family brings our placements this year to 33 and our grand total since we started OTS just under 4 years ago up to 543.

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