Milisa and her son, 6/30/17

Today we congratulate Milisa and her son who has autism for ending their homeless situation by getting their own home. They have been homeless for 2 months living in a hotel to stay sheltered but this has depleted her funds. We built a budget with Milisa and after she found a place she could afford we were happy to pay the security deposit directly to the landlord so they could move in. Read their story here:

“Dear Off The Streets: My name is Milisa and I am a single mom to an adult son with autism. In 2013 I was in an accident and was unable to work therefore I was evicted. It is on my credit report permanently. It has been very hard finding a place. We were living between a hotel and my sister’s house.

My sister’s has a one bedroom and it’s been a strain on us all because there isn’t any space, for my son especially. At 1st we were ok and getting along but she started drinking again and became abusive. She’d throw us out when she was drunk and ask us to come back when she was sober and this went on for awhile. I couldn’t take the abuse and it gave my autistic son anxiety. We need a place of our own. It makes living there hostel place for my disabled son and I.

All the while I was applying for places and getting denied because of my prior eviction. I’ve applied for places after places with no success. I finally found someone who would rent to me and the issue was I was limited on cash from hotel fees. And it seems we’ll never get out of the hotel.

Off The Streets was a blessing to me and my son. They are life savers. I thought we would never get out of the hotel and have a normal life. I am in tears as I am writing this, thank you so much Off The Streets. God Bless! Sincerely, Milisa”

Milisa, from all of us at OTS, we wish you and your son the very best in your new home.

This family brings our placements this year to 111 and our grand total to 421 since we starting housing the homeless 3 years ago. Read the story of every person we’ve placed at

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