David, 7/5/17

Today we congratulate David for ending over a year of homelessness by getting into his own rental at a senior community. David has not worked in a couple of years due to severe medical problems and his only income is from disability. He became homeless when his last place flooded and he was not able to move back in due to mold and mildew from the flood. He has since been sleeping in his car. David has obtained a housing voucher, but due to his limited income he is able to afford the monthly rent but not the security deposit to be able to move in. We were happy to assist with paying the security deposit so he could move in and have his own place again.

David from all of us at OTS, congratulations on your new place!

David brings our total placements this year to 112 and our grand total since we started 3 years ago to 422.

Off The Streets – Huntington Beach

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