Talia, Gilbert and their 5 kids, 7/8/17

Today we congratulate Talia, Gilbert and their 5 kids for getting into their own rental after enduring over 3 months of homelessness. This family of 7 has had to endure hotels, a friend’s motor home, and their vehicle to stay sheltered. Read more about this family’s struggle below:

My name is Talia married to Gilbert we have 5 beautiful children. We became homeless February 28, 2017. We lived in Anaheim for 8 years. We became homeless because the owners sold that house. 2 months prior to being homeless on February 28, 2017 we transferred our housing to Riverside County and we found a landlord who was willing to rent to us with housing in Corona but she needed the approval from housing first. Unfortunately housing took too long so two days before I almost lost my housing voucher for good I decided to stay in Orange County so we wouldn’t lose our housing. From there on out we were on the streets in hotels for the second month which welfare approved to pay for 16 days only, staying in our vehicle, staying at the Lemon Tree Hotel and the Sand Man. We were able to stay at a friend’s house for about a month until some neighbors complained because we were staying in the driveway in a motorhome so we had to leave from that house about a month-and-a-half ago so we were back in the hotels and staying in our car because we ran out of money so fast. the places that we would stay at in our vehicle on the streets in Anaheim right behind an abandoned grocery store and also at a car wash, last night we stayed in the car behind the 7-Eleven. We found a house in Orange and housing has done the inspection and it just passed on June 30, 2017 I received the housing letter via email and paid my monthly rental portion right away like it says to do on off the streets website, we’re just waiting for help on a deposit so we can move in. please let me know right away if you can help us so we can figure it out and try and get a deposit please. -Thanks, Talia

Talia, Gilbert and kids – from all of us at OTS we wish you the very best!

This family brings our placements this year to 117 and our grand total over the last 3 years to 429.

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