Melissa and her daughter, 6/2/17

Melissa - Housing The Homeless - Off The Streets Huntington BeachToday we congratulate Melissa and her daughter for ending their homeless situation by getting into a home of their own. They have been homeless since January, living in weekly hotels and as a result falling behind financially. We were happy to help them with the security deposit and we will soon be providing them furniture and household goods. Read more of their story here:

Here why I am asking for help and how I got in this situation. I am seeking the security deposit help. I work full-time but my kids father was deported and he as 50% of my income. I was unable to pay for our place and am currently living in a hotel with my daughter. I would really like help with budgeting and learning how to afford living. In October 2016 my daughters father was deported, he was 50% of my income and when he was deported everything fell apart. And bills were coming up on me so fast, I had taken a payday loan out and paid it off, then took another and got into that cycle. Eventually we lost our housing because I couldn’t keep up, it was too much money for what I made. Now we are staying in a weekly hotel and I can’t catch up enough to save any money. I’m getting behind on the weekly rent now. We have been living in hotels since January and it is extremely unstable for my daughter and myself, paying weekly almost the same as my apartment that I lost…we are struggling to just live. I need a budget laid out for me so I can see what I can afford and not get into anything over my income and over my head. I want to get back on my feet and I want my daughter to have a home. Thank You!

Melissa, from all of us at OTS, Congratulations on your new home!

This family brings our brings our placements this year to 83 and our grand total to 393 since we started housing the homeless in 2014.

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