‘Evy’ and her 4 kids, 6/1/17

Evy - Housing the Homeless - Off The Streets Huntington BeachToday we congratulate ‘Evy’ (privacy protected) and her 4 kids for getting out of their homeless situation. This single Mom and her kids have been homeless for the last 2 months, living in motels and couch hopping, looking to better their lives. Evy finally found a rental that fit the budget we built with her and we were happy to pay their security deposit so they could move in. We will soon be providing them much needed furniture and household goods to give them a fresh start in their new home. Read Evy’s story below:

Dear OTS,
I have been in a very bad abusive marriage for almost 20 years. I never was able to afford to move out in my own with my kids but i finally had the courage to leave. So on april 7 of this year i packed my kids and my bags and we left. We stayed in a motel for couple of weeks and then i have been staying with a friend since then trying to find a place in my budget which hasn’t been easy. I have a good job and just needed that little bit of help. I always wanted to move back to the town where my family and old friends live. I know my kids will have a better life here. I have a job and can pay my rent i just need help with a deposit to move in.
Thank you for your help. ‘Evy’.

Evy, from all of us at OTS-HB, we wish you and your kids the very best in your new home!

This family brings our placements this year to 81 and our grand total since we started in 2014 to 391.

Off the Streets – Huntington Beach

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