Kimberly and her son, 1/31/15

1-28 PICTURE8 months of homelessness for this single mom comes to a happy ending —

Meet Kimberly and her son that bring us to a total of 60 people placed so far. Eight months ago Kimberly, a single mom with an 8 year old son, had no savings when hard times came at work and she could not make her sales quota and lost her job. She was able to borrow money from a friend so they could stay in their apartment for another month but time and money ran out and Kimberly and her son were evicted. It was difficult finding friends who would let her and her son spend the night — and finding a cheap enough motel room that was decent and safe enough for a little boy proved to be very difficult. Kimberly searched for employment and cleaned houses to earn enough money for the essentials but the commutes were long and her son had no where to go during the summer days. After a long job search she recenlty landed a job that pays a salary that would allow her to live on her own. A local agency referred her to Off The Streets – Huntington Beach and our financial counselor put together a budget for her to determine a rent amount she could afford. Kimberly searched diligently and quickly found a room to rent in her budgeted price range and we paid the landlord her security deposit so Kimberly and her son could get off the streets. Kimberly, we are thrilled you are now in a safe home of your own that you and your son will enjoy together!

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